Tea Swag Set

  • $14.95

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Tea simply tastes better when brewed from loose leaf tea or herbs. So why not Swag it with our reusable Tea Swags, made from chemical-free, 100% unbleached, unseeded cotton (absolutely no nasties or plastic infused in them unlike most single-use tea bags).

One Tea Swag Set comes with 4 x Tea Swags, sized 7.5cm x 6cm, each with a draw-string to add several generous servings of your favourite herbal blends too! 

  1. Made from 100% Unbleached, Unseeded Cotton
  2. Non-Toxic/Chemical-Free
  3. 100% Compostable
  4. Ethical & Fair Trade (SEDEX)

  1. Fill Tea Swag with herbs & draw the string tight.
  2. Steep the bag for as long as you would a normal tea-bag. 
  3. When finished, turn inside out to empty contents into your compost/bin.
  4. Rinse out with warm water.
  5. Hang to out dry & repeat!
Happy Swagging!