Scientifically proven to keep your fruit and veggies fresh for two weeks or more!

The Swag Starter Pack

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  • $99.00
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  • 14 Days of Fresh, Crisp Veggies
  • Reduce Food Waste
  • Save Money on Groceries
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A portion of every Swag product sold goes to Destiny Rescue helping children trapped in modern-day slavery. Learn more.

I just love my Swag collection. It keeps my produce fresh and crisp. With the soaring cost of fruit and vegetables, it is so vital not to have wastage. Swags environmentally friendly and they keep plastic from our waterways. I can’t praise these products enough. - Ruth G.

The Ugly Problem (We’re All Guilty)

It's expensive to eat healthy. Yet almost 50% of the food grown in this country is thrown out because it perishes or can't be sold. So let's stop driving up the cost of our own food, and start reducing food waste and our plastic footprint.


Meet The Swag and say goodbye to sad, wilted greens

It's a reusable cotton bag that's guaranteed to keep your produce fresh for at least 14 days!

How it works

The Swag is made of 100% cotton and 0% plastic. And the secret to having 14 days of fresh produce is in three unique layers, that provide hydration and breathability.

  • Layer

    PROTECTION (Outer Layer)

    The outer layer protects, yet allows produce to take on oxygen as needed.

  • Layer

    HYDRATION (Central Layer)

    The thickest layer; holds the bulk of the water for continuous hydration.

  • Layer

    BREATHABILITY (Inner Layer)

    The balancing layer; allows produce to breathe & hydrate at its own pace.

Scientifically Proven To Keep Produce Fresh!

The Cotton Produce Storage bag provides major quality improvements over storing vegetables in other storage options such as plastic, paper bag or simply placing them in the crisper drawer with no packaging. Maintaining higher levels of hydration slowed wilting over the weeks and rehydrates stems of veggies. Produce was still marketable after 2 weeks and still edible after 4 weeks!

  • 25% Increase Of Storage Life

    Compared To Plastic Bags

  • Lasts 38% Longer

    Less Softening and Shrivelling

  • Less Yellowing and Wilting

    Keeps Your Leafy Greens Moist and Crisp


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  • These bags are exactly what I need to reduce food waste in my home. Normally kale and salads wilt within hours of being put in the fridge, but with these bags, they now last about a week, sometimes longer!

    Lauren M.
  • Love this product. So easy to use and it keeps things fresh for ages. I’ve had things in the fridge for weeks, that would normally last a couple of days in a plastic bag. Unbelievable. Highly recommend.

    Rachel H.
  • I love the swag bags. The starter pack is great, really practical sizes. I was throwing out so many vegetables before swag bag. The bags keep the veges really fresh for ages. They are easy to wash and store.

    Janice S.