The Birth of The Swag.

I’m asked this question all of the time “How on Earth did you come up with The Swag?” The answer is long, interesting and begins at grass roots – my childhood.

I grew up in Kenthurst, North West of Sydney, Australia. I lived with my extended family on acreage surrounded by nature. We lived largely off the land and it was here, inspired by my parents and surroundings, I developed a deep love of nature and animals.

There were no buses, trains or taxis where we lived so we largely got around on horseback.

We had so many animals’ such as; horses, chickens, goats, sheep, ducks, dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, wild python called ‘Monty’ and a wombat called ‘Norman’. The manure from the animals fertilised our huge veggie patch and the off cuts from the veggie patch and our food scraps was fed to the animals. There was no garbage collection service, so we were responsible for all of our own waste. We had a compost heap, a worm farm and an incinerator. We lived sustainably and were very conscious of food waste and plastic waste…

In my late teens, the lights of the city drew me in to a fast, upscale environment of advertising and media where I spent over twenty years in sales.

When I became a wife and mother, I started realising how much rotting fruit and veggies I was throwing out each day. This really upset me as I felt a tremendous amount of guilt. 

I started focussing on what was happening to my fruit & veggies when sealed in plastic. I noticed the condensation building up on the inside of the bag and it dawned on me that they were suffocating, sweating and that’s why they were rotting so quickly. Right then, I knew the solution needed to be permeable. Air & water are the essential elements of life for all living things – our fruit and veggies are no different. 

With encouragement from friends and family, I set out on a journey that would take me back to my roots. I had a deep belief that most humans hate wasting food and deep down we all want to do what’s right for our family, our community and the environment we live in. Sometimes the problem seems so overwhelming that we don’t know where to start.

After years of research, testing, refining, product development, design, trademarks and patents the Swag was born on the 24th August 2016. 

What I find most exciting is that The Swag is saving the average family around $1,500 per year in fresh food waste. Therefore, The Swag is quite often a very positive first-step for families to live waste & plastic free.

Swag Australia has a range on 100% natural and reusable alternatives to plastic. With proper care, our products are built to last years however when they finally come to the end of their life, they are fully compostable with zero impact on the planet or our health.

Please come and join us on the waste free and plastic free movement. 

Happy Swagging!
Peita x