Produce Bag Set

  • $15.99

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Our nifty 100% natural Produce Bags are the perfect replacement to those supermarket aisle plastic bags to store your loose produce (think loose-leaf spinach, beans, peas, grapes, cherries or even nuts!)

Each Produce Bag weighs under 14 grams (less than 0.5 of an ounce!) barely registering on the scales at checkout. Plus, when you get home from the store, they can also be placed directly into your Swags to keep smaller, loose items perfectly contained!

3 x Large Produce Bags (Width: 12 inches x Height: 16 inches)

1 x Small Produce Bag (Width: 8 inches x Height: 12 inches)

  • Machine-Washable (cold water)
  • Color-Coded Trim for Easy Organization
  • Made from three Unique Layers of 100% Unbleached, Unseeded Cotton
  • Non-Toxic/Chemical-Free
  • 100% Compostable (excluding care label)
  • Ethical & Fair-Trade (SEDEX)
  • A "How To" Information Booklet

Happy Swagging!