Why Plastic-Free Tea Bags Are Better For Your Health?

According to a study released in 2019, plastic tea bags release billions of nanoplastics and microplastics in water when brewed at 95°C. Microplastics are plastic fragments that are less than 5 mms in length each but larger than nanoplastics. Nanoplastics are less than a few micrometres in diameter so you will never be able to see them unless you use a very powerful microscope. While tea bags can release microplastic, not all of them release the same amount of nanoplastics. The worst kind of tea bags that exist are the silky and classy ones. They are basically single-use plastics that will release the largest amount of nano and micro plastic in your cup and then, in our waterways. Also, it turns out that bags that are plastic-free will also contain toxic chemicals from the glue and staples. When heated, the glue will melt and release nasties that we don’t want in our bodies!

Favour loose tea/herbs/flowers and use reusable tea bags or strainers

In doing so you’re not only reducing general plastic and packaging but also lowering the amount of nanoplastics in your cup. There are alternatives to mainstream plastic tea bags and our Tea Swag Set is one of them. Our tea bags are made of unprocessed, unbleached, unseeded cotton which means no nasties will leach into your favorite brew, keeping you healthy and well. Tip: Keep the tea in the bags and apply them on your eyes to reduce dark circles and puffiness around the eyes.